At The Dreamwork Collective we are passionate about helping everyone tell a powerful story. We focus on producing visually-impactful and inspiring books that are memorable.

With a team of passionate and highly skilled professionals, we are known for creating innovative and creative works that educate, inspire, and empower. We have expanded our services to publish game-changing books on companies and brands that have powerful stories to share with the world.

We offer a number of tailored publishing packages to our corporate customers that meet you where you’re at or take care of the whole A-Z process of bringing the project to life and making it a success.

The benefits of corporate publishing:

  • A long-lasting memory and impact.

  • A cost-effective PR and marketing tool.

  • A highly efficient way to position your organization’s leaders as experts.

  • A way to communicate your company’s values, mission, and story into different languages and across global markets.

The benefits of working with us:

  • A global editorial, design and production team of passionate and creative perfectionists.

  • Innovative and flexible approach. 

  • A-Z services to take your book from idea conception to bookshelves worldwide.

  • Full-scale global distribution of the retail editions of any corporate publication.

  • In-house marketing and PR team to actively and successfully publicise your book once it’s published.