Creativity and Consciousness

Creativity and consciousness: two necessary pillars for today's creatives, thought-leaders and entrepreneurs.

We believe the more aware you become, the more creative and innovative you become. And that both creativity and expanded awareness are necessary as we strive to leave our mark on the world and create harmony in our lives and the lives of others.

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Meet The Author: Prachiti Talathi

Prachiti is the most positive person you will ever meet. She co-authoredMy Arabian Almanakh [available here] and works alongside literary organisations and publishers deploying her expertise as a translator, professional book reviewer, and operations manager.

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Kira Jean
Harnessing the Power of a Like-Minded Community

There is nothing we love more than a collective. It is the family we have chosen. The Dreamwork Collective is filled with rebels, game-changers, odd-balls, and weirdos – the ones who don’t fit in and stand out. We created The Dreamwork Collective to bring all of the odd-balls together and we encourage everyone who comes into our world to harness the power of a like-minded community.

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Enhance Your Glow With Love, Not Make Up

I’ve recently become aware of the various messages associated with make up. Perhaps you can relate to some of them. These messages really dented my inner confidence.

“I have to hide my terrible skin,” “I have small eyes and need to make them bigger,” “I am prettier with makeup,” “It’s not acceptable to go to work without makeup”

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