Finding Your Vision – What’s Your Calling?


Everyone has a unique way of contributing to the world. What’s yours?

If you know you’re here for a reason and you’re supposed to create or do something that has a positive impact in the world, keep reading.

Here are ten ways to uncover your calling: 

1- Follow what lights you up. Take a close look at what makes you feel most alive.

2- Ask other people what they see are your strengths and gifts.

3- Imagine you have been given a billboard that thousands of people will pass by every day. What would you write on it? What would you want people to know. What impact would the billboard have on the people who pass it?

4- Go deeper, and look at the ways you might be distracting yourself with things you love and are good at, but are not the real thing. Many people get stuck doing something that is 99% right, but not their true calling.

5- Write down your answer to the following question: If money wasn’t a factor what would I do and how would I spend my time?

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6 - Close your eyes and imagine what your Dream Day would be like. How would it feel? What would you do? Where would you be?

7 - Look at who you admire and reflect on what it is you admire most about them.

8 - Write down your top three values, for example: freedom, generosity, equality etc. For each value write down ten ways you could honour those values.

9 - Create a list of 30 ways you could positively impact the world.

10 - Take action anyway. Clarity comes from action, so as soon as you begin to move towards something you will start to sense if it is your true calling.


As you can see, your calling is something you uncover, not something you find. It is in you all along. It can reveal itself suddenly or gradually when you are ready to embody it in a greater way. It is not simply something you do, it is who you are. So look within and allow yourself to be guided towards the most powerful version of yourself and your life.

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