Harnessing the Power of a Like-Minded Community


There is nothing we love more than a collective. It is the family we have chosen.

The Dreamwork Collective is filled with rebels, game-changers, odd-balls, and weirdos – the ones who don’t fit in and stand out. We created The Dreamwork Collective to bring all of the odd-balls together and we encourage everyone who comes into our world to harness the power of a like-minded community. Here are five ways you can harness the power of this community – or your own – and leverage it to transform your life.


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1. Listen:

This is the number one tool if you want to transform your own life. Become curious and wildly observant. Through this, you will learn invaluable lessons from others rather than having to go through the struggle of learning the lessons yourself.


2. Contribute:

Find creative ways to be of value to the community. Connect people to others in your network, offer advice based on your own experiences, share helpful aspects of your work and let people be inspired by your journey.


3. Ask for help:

We all struggle to ask for help at times, but we’re not supposed to do this alone. And anyone who has ever succeeded in doing their dream work in the world didn’t do so without help. Ask for help when you need it. You will save time, find solutions easily, and feel more supported and confident in your pursuits.


4. Set boundaries:

The wonderful thing about being in a community of like-minded people is that they’re likely to be quite similar to you – ambitious, independent, giving, and purpose-driven. Still, make sure you are clear on what your boundaries are so you’re not compelled to over-give or enter into relationships that end up draining or toxic. Be upfront and authentic in your interactions, and be clear on your boundaries so you can continue to serve, receive, and enjoy the community.


5. Collaborate:

Joining forces with people in the community can increase your impact and reach. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun bringing two or more creatives together in a joint mission. If you see value in someone in the community, offer something in return for their contribution to your work or create something brand new together splitting the profits 50-50. Continue to recognize value in others and how they could add high-impact value to you and your work, and set about working together for the greater good.

Find out more about our community of creatives here. Might you like to join us? Find out more here.

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