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We’re a creative team of dream workers boldly dedicated to changing lives and ushering humanity into a new era of heightened creativity, consciousness and compassion. We focus on sharing untold stories and providing a platform for voices from the Middle East and beyond to be shared throughout the world. Driven by authenticity, creativity, freedom and impact, we believe in the power of community. Our books and digital experiences build bridges between cultures, countries, ideas, and people across the globe.



Kira Jean is the founder and CEO of The Dreamwork Collective, an independent print and digital publishing company that shares the Middle East’s most unique voices and powerful stories.

Working at the intersection of creativity and consciousness, the company is striving towards creating one of the most influential, life-changing media organisations in the Middle East, offering a platform for inspiring stories and wisdom from the region to be shared with the world.

Kira is a passionate writer, speaker and entrepreneur who writes and speaks on topics such as leadership, spirituality, entrepreneurship, self-mastery, manifestation, mindset and creativity.

She is a qualified yoga teacher, Life Coach, and mentors some of the world’s top creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries on how to achieve their goals with more ease and grace, and live their most expansive lives ever.

She lives in Dubai with her husband and Yorkie, revelling in her love of tea, optimism, and truth.

Instagram: @kirajeanofficial


Thalia Suzuma has been in fiction publishing for over ten years, working for publishers including Pan Macmillan, HarperCollins and Bloomsbury. At Pan Mac, the focus was on crime thrillers, at HarperCollins she focused on commercial women’s fiction and at Bloomsbury QFP she acquired books in translation.

She has worked with bestselling authors such as Cecelia Ahern, Lauren Weisberger, Tony Parsons and Barbara Taylor Bradford.

In 2014, she moved to the Middle East to publish prize-winning authors such as Saud Al Sanousi and Mai Al Nakib, with the aim to diversify the types of narrative available to an English-reading audience. The books she published, unlike many of their authors, did not get denied visas at airports.

When Thalia is not scouting for the latest literary talent or typing up a storm, she enjoys teaching yoga to children, teenagers with special needs, and to all sort of people who might think ‘yoga isn’t for me!’.

Twitter: @LoveBooksBallet


Bondie is a freelance Website Designer, Social Media Manager and Digital Business Consultant located in Dallas,Texas but born and raised in Costa Rica. She is a Wife and a Mom of two busy elementary school kids. She is passionate about learning as much as possible about God, universal laws, and the business world.

Bondie is a trained English Professor but has been an Entrepreneur for over 10 years. When she moved to the States five years ago, she was determined to start a new career that would allow her to be creative while supporting amazing people to develop and grow their own businesses along the way.

She puts all of her love and creative energy into everything she does and her heart truly rejoices when people around her are taking action and succeeding.

Instagram: @girldesigningdreams


Rhiannon is a Virtual Executive Assistant located in London, UK. Her career started in 2008 after completing a degree in Business Management and has worked across many industry sectors in senior administrative roles for multinational corporate companies.

Rhiannon decided to begin her freelance career and launch her own business after having her son whilst living in the Middle East as she like the idea of being able to travel and work from various locations. In early 2018 Rhiannon qualified as a Bookkeeper and now supports multiple clients providing a variety of services.

In her spare time Rhiannon is a keen netball player and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Instagram: @luxe_va


Ebtesam doesn’t believe in definitions or self-introductions, but when it comes to decisions, she chooses to be a freelancer, a minimalist and a media professional who respects minds and advocates freedom and human dignity.

In 2016, she partnered with two of her oldest clients (and dearest friends) to found the pan-Arab Manshoor.com, and she managed its content throughout its very first year.

Her areas of expertise include digital journalism, content creation, English <> Arabic translation, copywriting, editing and proofreading, and she has also worked on video art, several photography projects and one short documentary.

Ebtesam graduated in Mass Communication from Cairo University in 2015, and then graduated from Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CILAS) in 2018. She loves people who introduce her to new music.

Instagram: @ebtesam.mokhtar


Gemma has worked in international sales for thirteen years, working for publishers including Random House, Transworld and Simon and Schuster. Whilst heading up the International Sales Department for Simon and Schuster UK, the opportunity arose for Gemma and her husband to start a new chapter in the United Arab Emirates. Moving to Dubai in 2013, Gemma continued to look after Simon and Schuster sales in the region until the arrival of her twin boys in 2016. Most recently Gemma decided to try life on the 'other side of the table' for Dubai's oldest bookstore and wholesalers, Magrudy's, where she bought the adult fiction titles. When she is not meeting the demands of two mini humans or reading, Gemma likes to cook and has recently learnt to sew, enjoying the process of learning a new skill.


Originally from San Diego, California, Marinda earned her editing chops working up and down the West Coast for magazines and book publishers including feminist publication Ms. and women’s nonfiction imprint Seal Press. From there, she made her way to New York City to earn a master’s in science for digital and print publishing from New York University.

A lifetime with an unusual and easily misspelled name (Marinda—not Miranda!) has instilled in her an unshakable and personal belief in the importance of details, which Marinda has worked hard to make into a career. As a proofreader and copyeditor, she defends proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage wherever possible. She loves reading and working on all kinds of books, especially in the self-help, spiritual, and social justice spaces.

Instagram: @marinda.proofreads


As a writer himself James understands how crucial it is for an author to be sure their contract is fair and correct. With over a decade’s experience working for some of the most important publishers in the UK, including Penguin Random House and Pan Macmillan, as well as several leading literary agencies and independents, James is able to draft and negotiate a range of complex media and print and digital publishing agreements

He also does freelance work as an editor of fiction and non-fiction, and his own first book of poems is published in summer 2019. He took up stone carving three years ago and so if he isn’t tinkering with text he might be tapping away with a chisel.

He lives in London with his wife and son, and several wonky sculptures.


A lifelong book lover, Stephanie has been working in publishing for over ten years. She has designed everything from science to self-help, from YA to romance, working not just on the front cover of the book but also on the typesetting and layout. She loves being a part of The Dreamwork Collective team, bringing books to life!

When she is not working she is chasing around her little ones, playing with dinosaurs or coloring, and of course reading lots of books out loud. Stephanie lives in Boston.

Instagram: @bambootiger



Abdulla works with The Dreamwork Collective on strategic partnerships and social impact development. He has worked for the United Arab Emirates government for twenty years, dedicating his time to creating safe and optimal environments in which people can thrive. He has travelled to near twenty countries but is happiest with his backpack trekking the Annapurna ranges of Nepal.

MYRIAM ARAB - Design Director - UAE

Myriam is a Senior Graphic Designer from Beirut with over ten years of experience in the Middle East and GCC. She has always been interested in the Arts & Culture sectors and has worked on multiple regional film festivals and museum exhibits as well as in book publishing.

It was in 2014 when she was introduced to book design and publishing at Bloomsbury QFP and has since worked on a variety of fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.

There, she managed the design and production of all print and digital publications.
More recently she has worked in branding where she’s led and executed the visual identity and design solutions for many regional and international brands.

When Myriam is not working, you’ll find her planning her day around food (#foreverhungry), scrolling through dog photos or organizing her next trip.

Instagram: @myriamarab