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Author of Wake Up! Stop Snoozing on Your Health

Nigora's passion lies in writing as many books as possible, helping as many people as possible, and in learning and always growing! She loves to work with digestive health, skin health, energy enhancement, deep sleep and various chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, gout, thyroid. Nigora is a health and lifestyle consultant, international author, vinyasa yoga teacher, personal trainer and a face fitness trainer. Nigora will also soon be a qualified Kundalini yoga teacher as well.

Instagram: @nigora_coaching


Author of Big Little Steps

Mathilde has worked in PR for 12 years and grew up in the Sultanate of Oman, a long way from home - the south of France. Since embracing Islam in 2002, her dream was to highlight the beauty of Islam to the world and break pre-conceived notions of Muslim women in a positive and constructive manner. She enjoys water sports, loves drinking tea and visiting mosques around the world.

Instagram: @ourbiglittlesteps


Author of Ḥumr An-Naʿam, Treasure of the Desert

Aditi Belame Kumar was born in Bangalore, South India and emigrated to Al Ain, UAE with her family at a young age. After completing her undergraduate degree at Tulane University in the United States, she earned an MBA from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. She currently lives in Dubai. Ḥumr An-Naʿam, Treasure of the Desert is Aditi’s first book and is inspired by her father who was worked with camels in the UAE for over thirty years.

Instagram: @aditibela.me @humr_an_naam


Author of Press Play and Press Play Journal

Linda spends her time working with amazing people and thinking of ways to bring a little more sparkle to the world. She used to a high school history teacher and now, thousands of hours of training and advanced NLP qualifications later, has her own thriving coaching business.

Linda has a slight obsession with running and tortoises; despite the fact that two don’t often go together. She loves a good chat, a great laugh, and an even better sale!

Instagram: @lindabonnar_lifecoaching


Author of Becoming a Legend

Houriya is an Emirati sportsperson, speaker and author who has dedicated her life to breaking barriers and promoting women’s football in the Middle East. She is Head Coach of the United Arab Emirates’ women’s national football team and board member and technical director of the Women’s Football Association. Houriya’s memoir, BECOMING A LEGEND, tells of the hurdles she overcome to play a sport in a cultural environment that challenged it, and how she found her feet as a revolutionary voice for women in the Middle East.

Instagram: @hrtahri


Author of Elements of Straefor

Maddi is a young author who published her first novel at the age of 14. In her spare time, she plays guitar, piano, sings and writes her own songs.

She loves to be on stage acting and enjoys improv.

Instagram: @novel_gurl


Author of Whip It!

Delna is certain she may have been a gypsy in her past life because she loves global cultures and word crafting the experiences that have made her world come alive. Of Indian origin and Dubai-born, this curly haired girl cracks up at her jokes, loves late night baking sprees and delights in sparking conversations with strangers.

Anything can get Delna excited and she would trade in her corporate job in communications so as to her own homestay in the Himalayas. Her mantra: My life’s isn’t perfect - but, I’m grateful!

Instagram: @themunchingtraveler


In the world of design, Nisrine has carved a niche for herself, crafting unique spaces tailor-made for a long list of discerning clients. With an impeccable eye for detail, she’s most admired for skillfully blending the classic and the contemporary, in her own refreshing aesthetic style.

She creates interiors that uniquely reflects the client’s own personality and desires in each of her designs. She is also adept in finding creative ways to help budget-conscious clients design their dream spaces. And it is this priceless quality that lets her shape gleeful smiles, and transform houses into homes, for several residential and commercial projects across the UAE and Lebanon. Her love for everything that is designed, work, inspirations and tips can all be found on her blog harfnoondesignstudio.com

instagram: @harfnoondesignstudio


Illustrator of My Arabian Almanakh

Inspired by all things natural and handmade, Cherida loves anything to do with art, crafts and being creative in general. Illustration is her first love and she specialises in watercolours, pencils and digital art. When she’s not busy sketching, she loves baking, gardening and photography. Travel is a big part of Cherida’s life. She loves the great outdoors on when she’s travelling she always makes sure to visit food markets, sustainable stores, and traditional homes.

Cherida is a trained fashion designer and worked for ten years as a head designer in the couture industry in the US, UK, Italy and France.

Instagram: @cheriillustrates @myarabianalmanakh


Co-author Arabian Almanakh

Prachiti recommends books to people by reviewing them. She is full of life, energetic and always positive -- even her blood group is a cheerful B+.

She is a freelance translator and has worked on the operations team for the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Prachiti believes in the saying ‘never say never’.

Instagram: @prachititalathi @myarabianalmanakh

Author of
My Arabian Almanakh

Born in South Africa of Italian parentage, Laura was in the hospitality industry for over twenty-five years before turning her attention and passion to growing good, honest food. She has been involved in practicing and teaching Natural Farming through various NGOs in South Africa and Europe, having also studied under the teachings and trainings of Larry Korn.

Laura lived in Dubai for five years and founded a local chapter of Slow Food and the Balcony and Urban Gardening Group (BUGGs). While living in Dubai, Laura studied the natural environment of the Arabian Peninsula and was able to develop and adapt her Natural Living methods to suit the desert environment with the goal of protecting it.

Laura is the lead author of MY ARABIAN ALMANAKH, where her sustainable methods for creating healthy green spaces, growing your own food, and reconnecting with nature are made available and achievable for all.

Instagram: @myarabianalmanakh


Illustrator of My Arabian Almanakh

Leilani is an illustrator from the UK, currently living and working in Dubai. She has produced illustrations for a wide variety of awesome projects including children’s books, posters, mascot characters, branded products and live sketching events. Leilani is also the founder of Supermeeps Creative Collective, where she creates t-shirts, pins, stickers and other cool limited edition art pieces and merchandise. When she’s not busy drawing, Leilani loves to look after her garden balcony and practice martial arts.

Instagram: @instaleilani


Author of The Arabian Trails and The Big Cat Trails

An avid traveller and photographer, Nisha firmly believes that people would be more environmentally aware if they could travel and see first-hand how fragile the ecosystem already is. She encourages ethical travel and encourages everyone to help conserve the earth’s resources. Nisha loves to be defined as a naturalist and a conservationist photographer.

From the backwaters and rainforests of India to the grass plains of Masai Mara; from the deserts of the Middle East to the far east Russia, Nisha has spent days and nights passionately following the local birds and wildlife.

Nisha is a four-time finalist with the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Her work and articles have been published in various international publications.

Instagram: @nisha.puruhothaman @pawstrails


Author of The Arabian Trails and The Big Cat Trails

Hermis is a self-taught nature photographer. He is passionate about capturing moments on camera hitherto uncaptured. He’s deeply involved in nature and bird photography, travelling around constantly.

Hermis believes in the adage that ‘practice makes perfect’ and there isn’t a day in his life where he’s not peeping at the world through his ‘third eye’.

His trips to exotic wildlife locations – the Middle East, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and all over Africa – have given him the opportunity to understand the subtle nuances of wildlife photography.

His work has been published in various international publications.

Instagram: @hermis.haridas @pawstrails


Author of Girls Do Good and Tackled!

Jos is an author, award-winning media and communications advisor, international public speaker, creative strategist and world-traveller, having visited near 100 countries. Jos is passionate about telling stories that change the world: whether through the arts, by creating content that challenges the status quo, through her global speaking engagements and work with clients on creative communications, or through the award-winning not-for-profit organisation Girls & Football SA she founded in South Africa. Her background in theatre and the arts, combined with economics and technology, fuels her passion to merge education, creativity and EdTech. Having spent her early childhood across Bangladesh, Senegal and Brazil, Jos has launched various organisations, initiatives and movements to challenge inequality, to increase global access to accurate education and to drive diversity and inclusion. She strongly believes everyone deserves access to accurate education and she strives to make this happen by integrating socially conscious content with the world’s most advanced tech platforms, and through workshops, trainings and educational content.

Instagram: @josdirkx @girlsdogood


Author of At Home Anywhere

Rachael Lynn is an American-born author and community organizer who writes on personal experience in relationship with self, family, and in love. She believes that sharing your truth is the quickest way to freedom and works to facilitate that in herself and any others who are ready. She is currently based in Dubai with her husband and their dog, Kyna. Rachael's debut book is launching in the last quarter of 2019.

Instagram: @iam_rachaellynn



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