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At The Dreamwork Collective we're dedicated to producing high-quality and high-impact books that are captivating and life-changing for readers around the world. We work with authors whose books align with this mission and who are ready to bring their dream to life. At the core of our mission are two pillars: impact and access. To honour these pillars, we choose to work with authors who are prepared to do the work (the dream work), and who are patient, passionate, and purpose-driven in their willingness to give their dream work their all. Continue watching below to know how to create a jaw-dropping book pitch that will catch our eye and make your book one to remember.


It was like they knew exactly what I was talking about and what I wanted to create. Thalia's passion to empower me to develop as a writer was unwavering. Finding people who believe in your creative work as much as you do isn't always easy, but that's what the team at The Dreamwork Collective do. 

- Linda Bonnar, author of Press Play



Without The Dreamwork Collective, I would still be lost trying to find a way to get my book out there. They not only immediately understood the creative concept of Big Little Steps but believed in its potential and took a chance on me. They offered solutions, advice and full support in a collaborative way. I’ll be forever grateful to Kira for being a key player in making my dream come true. The Dreamwork Collective is such a wonderful platform that gives a voice to people of all backgrounds. 

- Mathilde Loujayne, author of Big Little Steps


In a world that is so fast-paced and expendable, I wanted to build a community dedicated to long-term impact and legacy. I realised all of my years writing, coaching, and returning home to my authentic creative self had equipped me with the wisdom to get books out of heads and onto shelves. What I knew for sure was the battle was rarely with the keyboard or the pages, but with the writer's own mind. 

- Kira Jean, Founder and CEO, The Dreamwork Collective


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